EarthSmart is FedEx commitment to environmental sustainability. The program bundles initiatives that offer tangible business and environmental benefits. EarthSmart covers the span of FedEx impact: business solutions, workplace culture and community outreach. Projects must meet high, measurable standards to qualify EarthSmart designation.

Through EarthSmart FedEx strives to pioneer smart, earth-friendly innovation that will help protect the vital resources of our planet. We hope the program’s ultimate impact will be to provide groundbreaking environmental stewardship that can be shared with others.

EarthSmart covers three pillars:

  • EarthSmart Innovations – FedEx services and assets, including trucks, services and facilities which meet strict, quantifiable standards for innovation and environmental sustainability. Examples of FedEx Global EarthSmart Solutions include the electrical assisted tricycles which operate in Paris, hybrid trucks and all electric delivery vehicles which FedEx employs in major urban centers including Paris and London and the automated shipping tool Electronic Trade Documents.

  • EarthSmart Outreach – Through a variety of global and local philanthropic endeavours, FedEx advances its commitment to making communities cleaner, healthier and more efficient by encouraging sustainable transportation, green urban spaces and resilient ecosystems. FedEx supports sustainability projects with team members lending their time and skills to support valuable causes.

  • EarthSmart@Work – Programs which engage our team members on sustainability matters and help them to make significant contributions to the environmental sustainability of our business qualify as EarthSmart@Work initiatives.


EarthSmart designation

FedEx has established transparent criteria that initiatives must meet to be designated EarthSmart Innovations or EarthSmart Outreach. The company developed these criteria in cooperation with Etsy Environmental Partners, a leading environmental consultancy. All applications are examined by FedEx EarthSmart Committees.

EarthSmart Outreach initiatives must demonstrate concrete benefits for the environment, mobilize the community and engage team members. Project focus areas encompass sustainable transportation, sustainable cities or sustainable ecosystems initiatives.