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Reach higher with these cutting-edge solutions

Whether you’re an international airline or an aerospace manufacturer, trust FedEx to deliver the tools and advice to streamline your business model. From customs and regulations to import and export paperwork, we’re here to advise you.

Customs and regulatory advice engineered for aerospace

Count on your parts crossing borders easily. With decades of experience shipping sensitive, high-value items, we have the customs expertise to satisfy even the most demanding industries.

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Shipping and returns services with a global reach

Aircraft go everywhere. Which means your business needs to reach everywhere. So whether you’re shipping packages or pallets, we’ll help you reach every major aerospace center and airport around the world.

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The insight, control and perspective you need

It’s never been more imperative to know the location and status of your shipment in transit. Get complete visibility and control — not to mention confidence — with a powerful suite of tracking and monitoring tools.

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Factory-direct shipping engineered to streamline your business

Save on duties and taxes, minimize your warehousing costs, see your shipment from door to door — and more. Explore the benefits of FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® for yourself.

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Supply chain management for high-tech industry

Complex supply chains and the aerospace industry go hand in hand. Optimizing that complexity can go a long way to efficiently meeting the demands of new markets and, in turn, taking your business to new heights. See how FedEx SupplyChain® Solutions are perfect for those who ship high-value products.

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