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FedEx® Global Returns puts control of your return shipments in your hands with an automated, customs-friendly solution.

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Looking for an easy return solution?

You’re doing business all over the globe. You need return shipping that keeps it simple – for you and your customers. FedEx® Global Returns services give you the power to efficiently manage your returns for a comprehensive shipping solution.

Why it’s for you

Now, more than ever before, you have choices for reaching out to suppliers and customers across the global marketplace. No matter which option you choose, you get the same reliable service that you expect from FedEx. We give you flexible service choices, extensive global coverage, continuous shipment visibility, and consistent reliability and service to meet your shipping needs.

  • Return management is essential to a complete logistics program.
  • Contain costs, improve revenue, and help bolster customer loyalty.
  • Promote a positive brand image by creating a positive customer experience.

How it works

Create, print, and enclose a return label and customs documentation with each outbound shipment, or send a return label as a PDF within an email. Your customer can simply apply the label to the return shipment, along with the customs documentation, and tender the package to FedEx.

Return shipments can be dropped off at any FedEx location. Your customer can also schedule a FedEx pickup or include the return shipment as part of a regular scheduled daily pickup.

How it helps you

Using your FedEx® electronic shipping solution to produce a return label gives you the flexibility to create a linked outbound and return shipment on invoices or standalone return shipments. FedEx Advanced Tracking shows the link between the original outbound and return package, giving you a round trip view of your shipment. FedEx Advanced Tracking also offers the ability to export the movement of your returns to a spreadsheet so that you can adjust your views from shipments in transit to those that haven’t moved yet. This feature ensures you’ll have the level of visibility that you need.

Choosing your return type

When processing your international return package with a FedEx electronic shipping solution, you’ll need to provide a reason for that return for customs clearance purposes – on both the outbound and the return shipment. Identify your package as a return and include the return type. Select the correct return reason from the table below.


Outbound Shipment: What’s the reason for including a return label? Associated Return Shipment: What’s the reason for the return? When to Use
Courtesy Return Label Rejected Merchandise Select these two reasons when you’re including a return label for your customer in your shipment, but typically don’t expect returns.
For Exhibition/Trade Show Exhibition/Trade Show Returns Select these two reasons when the goods you’re shipping are for a show, exhibition, trade show, or event.
Item for Loan Return of Loaned Item Select these two reasons when the goods you’re shipping are for temporary use by the recipient to be returned to you in an unaltered state.
For Repair/Processing Repair/Processing Returns Select these two reasons when the goods you’re shipping will be either repaired or otherwise processed before being returned to you. Processing can include things like modification, incorporation, or treatment of some kind.
Items for Use in a Trial Trial Returns Select these two reasons when the goods you’re shipping are for a trial and will be returned to you.
Replacement Faulty Item Being Sent Select these two reasons when you’re shipping a replacement item in advance of receiving a faulty item back.
Temporary Export — Other Return - Other Select these two reasons when none of the other reasons listed apply. When you select these reasons, you’ll have the ability to state your exact reason for the return.
Following Repair/Processing N/A Select this reason when the recipient of the goods previously sent you the item for repair; however, they had not previously shipped with FedEx.