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  • FedEx clears urgent medical supplies during high security alert

FedEx Supply Chain clears urgent medical supplies during high security alert

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A terrorist attack early in the morning of 22nd March led to the complete shutdown of Brussels airport for security reasons and to the halting of all Supply Chain freight movements.

Round about 1pm later that day the FedEx Supply Chain team received an urgent request from one of our medical customers to organize the delivery of a shipment containing a medical product required for the treatment of a patient at their hospital.

The delivery had to be made in the middle of the area where the terrorist attack had taken place.

The Supply Chain team obtained a letter from the hospital explaining the nature of the consignment and the need for its urgent delivery. Armed with this letter and escorted by police our courier was able to proceed through the security barriers and delivered the vital package to the hospital.

The FedEx team maintained direct contact with the driver at all times, so we were able to update the hospital and provide them with full visibility throughout the entire operation right up until the package was safely delivered at 3pm, just two hours later.

The hospital, the doctors, the patient and medical customer of FedEx were extremely happy. And so were we!

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