Customs Tools


Customs Tools

As an international shipper, you know that accurately completing international shipping documentation and following international trade regulations can help prevent costly customs delays. That’s why FedEx offers comprehensive international shipping and Customs Tools at

Tools: Features and benefits:

FedEx® Global Trade Manager

Volume: Low to High
Platform: Online

  • Quickly determine which shipping documents are required for your international shipments.
  • Access Harmonized Shipping Codes for your commodity shipments and complete the most commonly used international shipping documentation online.
  • Read about international shipping regulations, access detailed country profiles, and check for individuals and businesses that have been denied the privilege of international shipping transactions.

Customs Resource Center

Volume: Low to High
Platform: Online

  • Access key regulatory updates for both importing and exporting.
  • Learn about the innovative technology that FedEx has implemented to speed up customs clearance and save you time.
  • Leverage FedEx customs brokerage and trade facilitation services to ensure regulatory compliance and streamline your business processes.
  • Download the FedEx International Shipping Reference Guide, review the detailed shipper’s checklist and take advantage of the glossary of international shipping terms for easier international shipment processing.