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FedEx Clearance Process

All shipments crossing international borders must be cleared through Customs in the destination country prior to being delivered to the recipient. Unless the sender specified a broker, FedEx submits shipments to Customs and other regulatory agencies. It is the sender's responsibility to provide the necessary and correct documentation. Shipments that require more than the FedEx International Air Waybill and Commercial Invoice may require more transit time. If shipments are held by Customs because of incorrect or missing documentation we may first attempt to notify the recipient.

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Greece Import Clearance Process

When shipping to Greece, clearance through Customs depends on whether you're shipping:

  • Documents with no commercial value
  • Dutiable goods

A Commercial Invoice is required for samples of acceptable commodities valued over US $25 (approx. EUR 28).

Shipments containing liquids must be in a sealed container with the name of the substance on the container. An Import License from the consignee may be required depending on the substance. Powdered goods require Agriculture and Fisheries Department clearance. Delays should be expected.

Personal effects are accepted up to US $45 (EUR 50) for duty free entry. Higher value shipments may require a formal clearance and additional clearance time.

Delivery orders are charged legal handling fees to be paid by the consignee in Greece. A Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) is required for all US export shipments (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) if any single commodity value is greater than US $2,500.

Commercial shipments valued over US $22 (EUR 25 ) and personal shipments valued over US $45 (EUR 50) must be cleared through Customs by the consignee or designated broker. Customs paperwork will be delivered to the designated broker or consignee and will constitute a Proof of Delivery.

Non-commercial shipments include: Individual to individual, contents intended for personal or family use, and shipments with no payments.

All shipments from Canada, China, Japan and the United States containing Non-manufactured wood packing materials (NWPM) of coniferous wood must be treated and marked. If originated in China, the shipment must also have a Certificate of Attestation. For more information, please see the EMC Bulletin Board (US-Export) or Freight Handling Bulletin (FHB) 387.

The values on all documents, including the Air Waybill and the Commercial Invoice, must be in EURO. The past local currency will not be accepted.

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Make sure your commodity is acceptable for shipment via the FedEx service you've selected.
Visit your country's web site to see what items are forbidden for export from your country.
Import Prohibitions and Restrictions

Certain items are prohibited by Customs for import to Greece. These items are in addition to items forbidden by IATA. Senders are responsible for making sure that the goods they are shipping are acceptable for shipment to Greece.

Forbidden for Import to Greece

  • Animal products
  • Dry ice
  • Non-commercial wireless phones
  • Cash and cash equivalents
  • Dangerous goods as defined by IATA
  • Furs

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Make sure your documents are always filled out consistently and accurately. Inconsistencies can cause delays.

Required Documentation

Required documentation varies according to the following factors::

  • If you are shipping documents with no Declared value only the fully completed FedEx International Air Waybill is required.
  • If you are shipping documents with a declared value greater than US $25 or dutiable goods, we require a FedEx International Air Waybill and a Commercial Invoice.

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Greece Import Regulations

Take note of the following regulations when importing to Greece.

  • The dimensional and weight maximums for import shipments:
    • FedEx International Priority: 274 cm (108 in) L, 330 cm (130 in) L & G, 68 kg (150 lb)
  • An invoice is required for all shipments with a Declared value.
  • A Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) is required to this country for all US export shipments (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) if any single commodity value is greater than US $2,500.

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Regulatory Contact Information

Orbit Couriers SA Customer Service
31st km Vari - Koropi Ave #141
19400 Koropi
Athens Greece
Phone number: +
Fax number: +

Please see our tips to Avoid Customs problems to gain Customs clearance more quickly. For more information, please contact Customer Help.

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