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2000 Press Releases

December 7, 2000
FedEx Delivers Giant Pandas

November 24, 2000
FedEx introduces WAP service in Indonesia

November 22, 2000
FedEx to Ship Giant Pandas to U.S.

November 22, 2000
New flights boost FedEx China Network

November 6, 2000
Strong Supply Chain Service is the key to success

October 23, 2000
FedEx and Gartner Establish Asia Pacific "E-Business Think Tank"

September 28, 2000
FedEx Hails US Senate Approval of China PNTR

September 28, 2000
FedEx Express and the Parcels and Logistics Holding Company of the La Poste Group Sign Operational Agreement in Europe

September 28, 2000
FedEx Express to offer U.S. citizens free election ballot delivery

September 22, 2000
FedEx Launches Next Day Delivery Service to Major Asian and North American Cities

September 18, 2000
FedEx® Global Trade Manager is Latest eCommerce Solution Available on FedEx Web Site

September 5, 2000
FedEx Provides CD-ROM-based Service Guide to Customers

September 5, 2000
Lights! Camera! Horses?

September 4, 2000
FedEx Bolsters its Express Service in Korea

August 29, 2000
FedEx Bolsters Service Between Asia and Europe by Adding New Flights

August 28, 2000
FedEx Announces Five Service Enhancements for New Fiscal Year

August 24, 2000
FedEx bolsters its eBusiness tools portfolio

August 18, 2000
Half A Million Dollars of "Horse Power" Arrives in Sydney For The Games

August 17, 2000
FedEx's New Building in Penang

August 15, 2000
FedEx Launches WAP Mobile Tracking Services in Asia

August 14, 2000
FedEx Invests in New Fleet of Mercedes Benz Vehicles in Singapore

August 7, 2000
FedEx bolsters its eBusiness tools portfolio

August 4, 2000
FedEx Extends Package Cut-off Time to 4 P.M. for Saitama New Urban Center

July 19, 2000
FedEx Will Set Up A Service Booth At The Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Meeting 2000

July 14, 2000
FedEx Corp. Reports Fourth Quarter

July 11, 2000
FedEx to Boost Global Network with New Europe, Asia Connections

June 30, 2000
FedEx Appoints New Managing Director for Australasia

June 26, 2000
FedEx Expands International Freight Services

June 26, 2000
FedEx Chairman is Named Chairman of the United States - China Business Council

June 15, 2000
FedEx to Reinforce Operations in Chubu Region

June 13, 2000
Designated Official Express Courier of WCIT

May 25, 2000
FedEx - DTW Supports Special Olympics Millennium March 2000

May 19, 2000
FedEx reappointed as the Official Air Express Company for Hong Kong Trade Development Council trade fairs

May 8, 2000
FedEx Delivers World's Fastest Race Cars to Japan

May 4, 2000
FedEx Project in Laverton Highlights Western Ring Road Access

April 14, 2000
FedEx Appoints New E-Commerce Head in Asia Pacific

April 13, 2000
Federal Express Appoints New Managing Director in Malaysia

April 12, 2000
FedEx Appoints New E-Commerce Head in Asia Pacific

April 6, 2000
FedEx launches Chinese version of FedEx interNetShip®

April 5, 2000
FedEx doubles Hong Kong's intra-Asia capacity to handle greater package volume

March 27, 2000
FedEx Named Best Total Logistics Operator for Fifth Consecutive Year by Asian Freight Industry

March 22, 2000
FedEx Launches Chinese Version of FedEx interNetShip®

March 21, 2000
The First Fully Integrated E-commerce Service Launched in Thailand by Shincorp's Redundance

March 8, 2000
Federal Express Meets with Agent To Discuss Plans for Local Market

March 8, 2000
FedEx to Collaborate with SCS in SCM Solution Services

March 1, 2000
Federal Express Launches Special Program for Small Customers

February 23, 2000
FedEx awards "True Heart Ambassadors" to recognize outstanding couriers in Hong Kong

February 22, 2000
FedEx Expands Presence in Ipoh

February 21, 2000
FedEx Contributes RM20,000 to Support SMI Association's E-Commerce Nationwide Roadshow

February 19, 2000
FedEx Opens Service Center in Medan

February 17, 2000
Sony Starts "VAIO" PC Business in Asia, Utilizing Efficient Business Platform over the Internet

February 17, 2000
FedEx Trade Networks to Offer Full Range of Global Trade Services

February 1, 2000
FedEx Hero and Super Hero Awards: Customers Select Outstanding FedEx Couriers Who "Live to Deliver"

January 31, 2000
FedEx is Named E-Courier in Singapore E-Awards

January 28, 2000
FedEx introduces suite of E-Commerce solutions

January 27, 2000
FedEx Launches New 24 Hour Voice Service System

January 26, 2000
Shop, Dine and Travel - On FedEx!

January 26, 2000
FedEx Appoints Sole Operator in Shanghai

January 24, 2000
FedEx Offers New Services in Kuching, Sarawak

January 20, 2000
FedEx is Named E-Courier in Singapore E-Awards

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