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Fuel Surcharge

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The fuel surcharge percentage for FedEx Express services is subject to weekly adjustment based on the weekly published U.S. Gulf Coast (USGC) spot price for a gallon of kerosene-type jet fuel.

The fuel surcharge rate for FedEx Express® services applies to FedEx Express International export and import transportation charges published in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and Africa.

This fuel surcharge does not apply to FedEx International Express Freight® (IXF) and FedEx International Airport-to-Airport® (ATA) services (where available).

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FedEx Express Fuel Surcharge Table, effective January 1st, 2018
(USGC price per gallon in U.S. Dollars ($))

At Least But Less Than Surcharge
$1.04  $1.10  9.00%
$1.10  $1.16  9.50%
$1.16  $1.22  10.00%
$1.22  $1.28  10.50%
$1.28  $1.34  11.00%
$1.34  $1.40  11.50%
$1.40  $1.46  12.00%
$1.46  $1.52  12.50%
$1.52  $1.58  13.00%
$1.58  $1.64  13.50%
$1.64  $1.70  14.00%
$1.70  $1.76  14.50%
$1.76  $1.82  15.00%
$1.82  $1.88  15.50%
$1.88  $1.94  16.00%
$1.94  $2.00  16.50%
$2.00  $2.06  17.00%

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Fuel surcharge percentages and amounts, associated trigger points and methods of calculation are subject to change without notice. See Section 22 of the Federal Express Conditions of Carriage for EMEA. If the Fuel Surcharge rises above the maximum value or drops below minimum value, or there are changes to the trigger points, the above tables will be updated.

Fuel Surcharge Updates

Changes to the FedEx Express - Europe, Middle East, India and Africa Division fuel surcharge are applied effective each Monday. The surcharge percentage will be reflected on your FedEx invoice. Information on the fuel surcharge for each week will be available approximately the Friday before the surcharge is applicable.

  • For FedEx Express, see the USGC index for the spot price per gallon of kerosene-type jet fuel.
  • The prices in these indexes are published by the U.S. Department of Energy and FedEx is not responsible for the information provided.
  • There is a two-week lag between the fuel price index and the fuel surcharge. For example, the fuel surcharge for January 1st 2018 is based on the average U.S. jet fuel spot price reported by the U.S. Department of Energy for December 22nd.

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