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  • Specify Section II lithium batteries when preparing your shipment online

Specifying section II lithium batteries when preparing your shipment online

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From now on, when you prepare shipments containing lithium batteries Section II (UN3481 & UN3091) using FedEx Ship Manager™ at fedex.com, please indicate which type(s) of lithium batteries you have included in your shipment.

As Section II lithium batteries are less regulated than other types of lithium batteries, your selection will help us increase their visibility throughout our network and ensure the integrity of this dangerous goods shipment until final destination.

Steps to take when preparing your shipment online:

  1. In the header at the top of this page, select Ship and then Ship online – all features
  2. Enter your login & password, if you are not logged in yet
  3. Select Ship and then Create a Shipment to complete your shipment details
  4. Under the Special Services (optional) section, select “Lithium Batteries/Cells” and the description that applies to your shipment:
    • Lithium Ion Batteries/Cells packed with equipment (UN 3481 - Packing Instruction 966)
    • Lithium Ion Batteries/Cells contained in equipment (UN 3481 - Packing Instruction 967)
    • Lithium Metal Batteries/Cells packed with equipment (UN 3091 - Packing Instruction 969)
    • Lithium Metal Batteries/Cells contained in equipment (UN 3091 - Packing Instruction 970)

Note that this option is only available via FedEx Ship ManagerTM at fedex.com. As of August 2017, it will also be available in all other FedEx automation tools.

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