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  • One happy little boy named Tom!

One happy little boy named Tom!

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One little boy named Tom, son of one of our employees, was so thrilled by being nominated as a UEFA Europa League Player Escort that he wrote a thank-you letter to David Binks, President of FedEx Express Europe, to tell him all about his wonderful experience.


This year’s competition has already thrown up many action-packed games, along with some very unexpected results, too. As the excitement and unpredictability of the knockout rounds continue, anything can happen! You can see exactly who your favourite team has to beat to reach the Final at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.

Together with Tom we can’t wait to see who’ll get through to the Final, who’ll be knocked out and who’ll get their hands on the trophy – will it be a former winner or will we see a new name engraved on the trophy. ?

Mark your calendar

To make sure you don’t miss any of the upcoming key matches here’s an overview of the dates to mark in your diary:

13th April – Quarter-Finals, 1st leg
20th April – Quarter-Finals, 2nd leg
4th May – Semi-Finals, 1st leg
11th May – Semi-Finals, 2nd leg
24th May – Final

We hope you’ll be following all the action along with Tom and us as this year’s competition comes to the boil!

NB Check out which players are on fire and are on top of the rankings in the FedEx Performance Zone!

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One happy little boy named Tom!

  • One happy little boy named Tom!