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  • The integration of TNT Express is proceeding smoothly and according to plan.

The integration of TNT Express is proceeding smoothly and according to plan.

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One of our accomplishments to date is the creation of our global leadership team. With our senior vice presidents and vice presidents in place, we are now in a position to lead our combined businesses as well as our ongoing integration efforts. By tapping into the combined talent of both companies, we have assembled an impressive team of leaders. These two groups will help us immensely as we move forward along the integration path.

A brighter future that connects even more people and possibilities around the world.

With the new leadership structure in place, our dedicated FedEx and TNT Sales representatives will work together to bring you the best of what both companies have to offer. And as our service offerings grow, you can count on your Sales representative to deliver even more solutions to help your business grow, too. “Bringing FedEx and TNT together connects people with possibilities around the world. For customers, this integration will bring some very unique opportunities for their businesses.” said Jill Brannon, Senior Vice President Sales Europe and MEISA.

Delivering a memorable customer experience together.

FedEx and TNT recently teamed up to co-host a customer event at the ATP European Open tournament in Antwerp, Belgium. Over the course of two evenings, customers had a chance to meet with Sales representatives from FedEx and TNT. Customer feedback was positive, and plans for future joint customer events are underway.

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