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  • Your worldwide shipping is greener with FedEx

Your worldwide shipping is greener with FedEx

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Everyone at FedEx realises how closely the interests of our communities, our workplaces, and the planet are intertwined. Our future depends on recognising and balancing those needs in everything we do, so it’s an over-riding priority for FedEx to incorporate sustainability policies and practices throughout our global network.

These extracts from our latest Global Citizenship Report give a good idea of the initiatives we are taking to make our planet a greener and cleaner place for future generations:

  • since 2008 we’ve saved more than 158 million gallons of vehicle fuel by replacing vehicles with more efficient models and making greater use of electric vehicles, fuel cells, natural gas, hybrids and clean truck technologies. That means we now have more than 2,700 alternative fuel vehicles in our fleet, an increase of nearly 44% since our 2015 financial year;
  • we’ve also managed to meet - five years ahead of target - our goal of increasing FedEx vehicle fuel efficiency by 30% since 2015;
  • to continue lessening our footprint, we’ve now set ourselves a challenging new goal: over the ten years ending in 2025 we aim to increase our vehicle fuel efficiency by a further 17%;
  • in FY16 we saved more than 153 million gallons of jet fuel by continuing to modernise our aviation fleet and making improvements to our operating systems. As a result of these measures we avoided the equivalent of almost 1.5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

So if being green and clean really matters for you, you can be sure that you’re advancing practical sustainability when you ship with FedEx. For further details of all our green policies just click here.

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