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  • New FedEx Express 777 Flight Links Liege with Memphis – another integration first

New FedEx Express 777 Flight Links Liege with Memphis – another integration first

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Launching a new international connection just one year after the acquisition is a significant achievement for the FedEx Express and TNT teams, and we’re celebrating this major milestone in our integration story. Our customers have reason to celebrate too, as this new flight gives them a direct link between the TNT European air hub and the FedEx Express world hub in Memphis, six days a week.

On April 4 2017, we watched the first-ever FedEx Express flight take off from Liege. An exciting moment for all involved, this new trans-Atlantic connection is a clear example of how we’re bringing more opportunities and connections to our customers through the integration of FedEx Express and TNT.

With this exciting new Europe-US express flight, our TNT customers can now:

Create more global connections

This new route, staffed by FedEx Express flight crews, gives TNT customers direct access to FedEx services in the US, Canada and beyond, as the TNT ground network is now connected with the air network of FedEx Express.

Send shipments faster

With this new international connection, we’ve sped up transit times so TNT customers can send express shipments faster than ever before. Express shipments from Europe to anywhere in the US and Canada now take just 2 days, compared to 4 days. And express shipments from the Middle East, Africa and India to any destination in the US and Canada now take just 3 days.

Reach more customers

A new international connection also means that TNT business customers can reach more consumers. Just choose pre-noon delivery for express parcels and a 3-4-day transit time for deferred shipments. Higher weight limits for express and deferred shipments are also now available for TNT customers.

Connect where it counts

The new route supports the largest trade and investment relationship in the world —between the European Union (EU) and the US. And as e-commerce continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, this new connection will become even more important for businesses and their customers worldwide.

What’s next?

Work has already started on strengthening the FedEx Express road network in Europe by integrating selected FedEx Express lanes into the TNT European Road Network in a successful pilot scheme. We will continue to focus on fully integrating FedEx Express and TNT lanes worldwide. And with our newly extended air operations network, we are confident that our customers will continue to benefit from our new hubs, aircraft and routes, all of which are integral parts of our growing network.

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