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Get help with Customs procedures, limitations, and restrictions. Preparing your shipment properly will ensure that it arrives on time.

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Israel Clearance Process

When shipping from Israel clearance through Customs depends on whether you're shipping:

  • Documents with no commercial value ( only fedex AWB is needed )
  • Dutiable goods (goods with a commercial value)

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Make sure your commodity is acceptable for shipment via the FedEx service you've selected.
Visit your country/territory's web site to see what items are forbidden for export from your country/territory.

Export Prohibitions and Restrictions

Certain items are forbidden and controlled for export from Israel by Customs. These items are in addition to items prohibited by the IATA. Senders are responsible for making sure that the goods they are shipping will be accepted by the destination country/territory.

Forbidden for Export from Israel

  • Food, perishable
  • Live animals
  • Human body parts
  • Explosives
  • Money
  • Liquor

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Israel Export Regulations

Take note of the following regulations when exporting from Israel:

  • For size and weight maximums please check with the destination country/territory's limits.
  • Dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is greater, determines the shipment tariff.

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Please see our tips to Avoid Customs problems to gain Customs clearance more quickly. For more information, please contact Customer Help.

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