Printable Version China Customs Tighten Inspection of Customs Declaration Documents for all Imports and Exports

In accordance with the General Administration of China Customs (GAC) notice No.103, published in 2003, China Customs has recently tightened its audit procedures for checking customs declaration documentation.  

In order to ensure that no problems occur with regard to any consignments, FedEx would like to remind customers of the key aspects of this regulation.

According to the notice, customers who ship into or out of China are required to prepare and submit the following documents together with the Import and Export declaration form to China Customs:

  • Contract; 
  • Commercial Invoice (CI); 
  • Packing list; 
  • Manifest; 
  • Air Waybill (AWB); 
  • Power of Attorney (POA); 
  • Import/export license; 
  • Processing Trade Manual required by Customs (in paper or electronic data form);
  • Other documents as required.

It should be noted that the Customs authorities in Pudong (PVG) are particularly stringent in enforcing the requirement for packing lists to be submitted along with all other requisite documentation before the formal clearance of imports is permitted. 

FedEx recommends customers to prepare the mandatory documents before declaration and to always include full, detailed and accurate information to ensure speedy clearance. 

For further information contact Customer Service on  1800 22 6161/1800 209 6161