Printable Version Certain Imports into Vietnam Now Only Allowed Via Three Specific Seaports

The Government of Vietnam has issued new regulations that prohibit the importation of wine, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and mobile phones via air transportation. The only exceptions provided in the new regulations allowing such commodities to be imported via air apply to the following imports:

1.     Goods entering or leaving Vietnam temporarily before their re-export or re-import.

2.    Cosmetics up to a maximum quantity of 10 units imported for experimental purposes (subject to the prior issue of an import license by the Ministry of Health); and all those cosmetics covered by HS codes 3306 and 3307:

330610  Dentifrices
330690  Preparations for Oral or Dental Hygiene
330710  Pre-shave, Shaving or After-shave Preparations
330720  Personal Deodorants and Antiperspirants
330730  Perfumed Bath Salts and Other Bath Preparations
330741  Agarbatti and Other Odoriferous Preparations Which Operate By Burning
330749  Other Preparations for Perfuming or Deodorizing Rooms
330790  Depilatories, Other Perfumery, Cosmetic or Toilet Preparations

3.     Materials imported for direct production or processing (including goods imported under guarantee, maintenance, repair, service and renewal terms) and destined for subsequent re-exportation.

4.     Goods imported for use and demonstration at exhibitions.

Commodities that fall into one of the four above categories can be imported into Vietnam via air with FedEx.  All other commodities concerned can only be imported through one of three nominated seaports – Hai Phong, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City. 
It should also be noted that additional import documents may be required for the importation of some commodities.

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