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Challenging times are tough but they also produce game-changing innovation. Businesses find a way to invest in their personnel; some explore newer markets, develop new products; others find innovative ways to reduce costs and yet grow revenue. True business champions produce winning results from the toughest of challenges!

If your company has delivered in these challenging times, it's time to look forward to FedEx International Business League (IBL) Season III. Launched in 2009, FedEx IBL celebrates the resilient spirit of outstanding business leaders. You can view last year's FedEx International Business champions and their ET NOW features by visiting

This year FedEx IBL gets bigger and better! In addition to India, It also includes entries from businesses in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the UAE!

In the new season of FedEx IBL - you can be the next International Business Champion, win free business consultancy and feature on ET NOW!! Indian companies that make it to the top ten list get to visit the FedEx hub in Guangzhou for the award ceremony together with business champions from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the UAE.

To participate, visit today! You can also view other entries, read articles or participate in polls through our communities on Facebook.

What's more, take advantage of the FedEx portfolio of international and domestic shipping solutions. You can choose from the suite of export, import, domestic air and ground solutions to accelerate your business growth.

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