Printable Version FedEx Continues to Expand and Improve Transportation Services Within India and Beyond

Ever since we first started direct operations in the sub-continent in the late 90s our long term strategy has been to constantly develop the range and quality of FedEx services to best meet the growing needs and industrial output of the Indian economy. Today, FedEx Express offers a robust portfolio in India that is designed to make trade simple, fast and easy by providing a range of bespoke services, ranging from import to export, as well as domestic air and ground express services.

As the Indian economy continues to grow, and forecasts predict that with an average growth rate of between 7% to 9% over the last two decades it will reach the top three in the world within the next twenty years*, we at FedEx want to ensure that our service network and capacity always keep pace with this rapid expansion.

Therefore, we have expanded and improved our transportation services within India and beyond in a number of ways, including:

  • continued additions to the FedEx service portfolio, including Economy and Express options for both light and heavyweight shipments as well as a door-to-door, day-definite express delivery service for ground consignments;
  • the acquisition of specialist carriers including PAFEX in 2007 and – just in 2011 – the logistics, distribution and express businesses of AFL Pvt. Ltd. and its affiliate, Unifreight India Pvt. Ltd;
  • the establishment of sophisticated gateways in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore which reach out to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide;
  • the continuing upgrade of our aircraft fleet, to which Boeing 777s have recently been added;
  • improvements to booking, pick-up and tracking systems to help our customers plan, manage and track their shipments easily and quickly, and whether they require ground or air transport.

* Source: Euro Monitor

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