Printable Version Carbon-Neutral Envelope Shipping Scheme Benefits Energy and Conservation Projects

Our FedEx envelope, which is already made from 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable, is getting another environmentally-friendly boost.  We have launched a carbon-neutral shipping programme for our most widely used packaging solution for shipping documents, making FedEx the first company in the transportation industry to offer a carbon-neutral shipping option at no extra charge to our customers.

In order to neutralise the impact of the carbon emissions from the shipment of all FedEx envelopes around the globe, we are going to invest in projects worldwide that displace or sequester greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. The initiative is part of FedEx EarthSmart® sustainability programme which offers concrete solutions that benefit the planet and our company’s environmental performance.

FedEx customers value responsible business practices. By making the FedEx envelope’s shipping carbon-neutral, we provide you with a solution that is not only environmentally sound but also backed up by our renowned high-quality service. A win-win solution.

This is how it works. Through the carbon-neutral FedEx Envelope shipping programme, FedEx will calculate on an annual basis the amount of carbon dioxide released through the shipment of all global FedEx envelopes. We will then purchase the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide offsets from the not-for-profit organization: BP Target Neutral, which will neutralise the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions by investing in alternative energy or conservation projects. These will include biogas facilities on farms in the Netherlands, a reforestation project in the Tanzanian Southern Highlands that is converting degraded grassland to commercial forest, and a landfill gas collection system at Thailand’s first sanitary landfill.

At FedEx we have already made changes and invested in technologies to directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our planes, trucks and facilities. As a result we are well on our way to meeting ambitious emission reduction goals. The carbon-neutral programme for the FedEx envelope allows us to further contribute to minimising the effects of greenhouse gas emissions from our operations by providing more sustainable options for our customers.

Next time you ship a document via a FedEx envelope, you’ll know it’s friendly to the environment. And at no extra cost, friendly to your company too.

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