Printable Version Redesign of FedEx Invoices and other Documents Cuts Costs and Simplifies Use

  • In line with our continuing aim to make all FedEx communications clear, simple to read and immediately comprehensible, and also to eliminate unnecessary documentation and paper-usage, we have redesigned our key Customer Financial Services documents.

    In doing so we have managed to reduce the quantity of paper required and cut back on colour-printing costs while continuing to offer competitive prices and reducing our environmental footprint at the same time.

    The main changes and improvements that our customers will now note on FedEx invoices and other Financial Services documents are the following:

  • the 2-colour FedEx logo is replaced by a single colour brand logo;
  • the word “ original “ now appears under the FedEx logo so as to clearly identify an invoice as the original document;
  • 2-sided printing is used in place of the previous single-sided method;
  • Invoice Terms and Conditions and other similar lengthy specifications now only appear once, on the last page of an invoice.

The newly designed documents were successfully launched in April in Austria, the Baltic states, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. Denmark, Finland, the Middle East, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland will follow shortly.

By the way, did you know you can view and pay your invoices online? Click here to learn more. 

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