Printable Version Change in value threshold limits for low value shipments toand from India

On account of the recent fluctuation in the value of the Indian National Rupee, the threshold value limits for bonafide low value shipments (Express Clearance) has been revised as below, considering the conversion value of INR 55.95 = USD 1 for India inbound and INR 55.15 = 1 USD for India outbound shipments.

India Inbound
USD 1450 if Incoterms Free on Board is opted
USD 1745 if Incoterms Cost & Freight is opted
USD 1765 if Incoterms Cost, Insurance & Freight is opted
USD 178 for Bona fide gifts &/or samples (equivalent to INR 10,000 for duty free clearance)

India outbound
USD 906 for bonafide samples (equivalent to INR 50,000)
USD 453 for bonafide gifts (equivalent to INR 25,000).

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