Let FedEx Deal with the effect of the EU Cargo Security Regulations On Your Behalf


Let FedEx Deal with the effect of the EU Cargo Security Regulations On Your Behalf

The European Union has introduced Regulation 300/2008, with its implementation legislation 185/2010 that will come into full effect from 29 April 2013. The main objective of this regulation is to establish common rules to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference that jeopardise the security of civil aviation.

The main requirement of the regulation is that:

  • To become a Known Consignor, customers will now need to apply directly to an appropriate EU Member State Regulatory Authority (and not via a Regulated Agent as has been the case) for necessary approval. This will only be granted following a number of specific procedures including a detailed audit and certification process for each separate site used by the applicant plus follow-up unannounced site inspections. Known Consignor status is valid for five years (except for the UK, where it will last only one year);
  • Customers who choose not to apply for Known Consignor status can register as an Account Consignor (except for the UK). All you need to do is to contact your FedEx Account Executive or FedEx Customer Services who will provide the necessary information. There is a declaration that needs to be completed and signed and you will need to nominate a person within your company who would be responsible for ensuring the compliance with specific measures relating to the security of your shipments.

A key difference between the two forms of status is that goods shipped by Known Consignors can be carried on any aircraft, while consignments shipped by Account Consignors can only be carried on all-cargo aircraft.

Your shipments are in good hands with FedEx

Although it is up to individual companies to decide which option most suits their needs, we recommend that you apply for the Account Consignor status with us. As a fully Regulated Agent FedEx has satisfied the authorities that all our internal security controls, checks and procedures fully meet their stringent requirements. This means that we can:

  • directly designate your company as an Account Consignor – you therefore avoid all the extra costs and efforts involved in meeting Known Consignor criteria;
  • guarantee that your outgoing shipments are fully secure;
  • avoid delays caused by additional screening and security controls;
  • fulfil all required security requirements at no additional cost to you at all.

If you’d like to discuss the potential impact of the new legislation in general, get advice on applying for Account Consignor status, or want to know more about the effect on your business if you don’t choose this option, please contact your Account Executive, or else contact our Customer Service.