India to Introduce Electronic Customs Clearance for Express Shipments

India to Introduce Electronic Customs Clearance for Express Shipments

India’s customs department goes electronic for express mode. This means that from December 2013 all commercial shipments irrespective of value will need to meet certain requirements:

IEC Code (Importer Exporter Code Number) of the consignee in India for all commercial shipments. The shipper should ensure that consignee in India has obtained IEC code from the designate authority prior to shipping to avoid delays in customs clearance. Manifested name & address on the shipping invoice should match with the address on the IEC issued to the consignee in India.

No Objection Certificate (NOC) for commodities like pharmaceuticals, medicines, chemical products, raw leather, food items, wooden articles, textiles and fabrics, and electronics. NOC for such shipments will be issued by the designate authority after testing a sample. As a result, customs clearance likely to be delayed. The shipment will be customs cleared only if the sample meets the prescribed parameters. NOC for textile and fabric shipments can be arranged by a shipper from an accredited inspection agency at the origin.

To avoid customs delays for electronic items, the consignee in India can provide a registration certificate issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards containing product registration number conforming to Indian Standards (IS) displayed on the product and package.

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