Dimensional weight calculator

Calculating the dimensional weight of your shipment
The transport costs for your shipments are calculated on the basis of the total weight of all packages sent under one FedEx Air Waybill. A decisive factor for calculating the price, however, is whether the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight*.

FedEx applies:

Since 18 January 2010, shipments where dimensional weight exceeds actual weight are charged according to the following volumetric calculation:
Dimensional weight in kg per package = Length x Height x Width in cm / 5,000.
This dimensional weight calculation for FedEx Express® services applies to Europe, Middle-East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent (EMEA), EMEA export and EMEA import shipments.

Free packaging
FedEx Express packaging offers you a practical and advantageous solution. Dimensional weight standards are not applied to this packaging, providing that the dimensions have not been changed.

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* FedEx checks the data provided by the sender in the Air Waybills with regard to the services requested and the weight of the packages. If the result exceeds the actual weight, additional Charges may be assessed based on the dimensional weight. The rates of such additional Charges are available upon request and may be amended, without notice, by FedEx.
We therefore recommend that you always check the dimensional weight of your shipments before giving them to us - especially if you use your own packaging.
** Please contact Customer Service for details or restrictions per country/territory.