Holiday Shipping

  • Holiday Shipping

You can ship with certainty throughout the Christmas period. Here’s important news about FedEx holiday operating schedules and service adjustments.

We'll be implementing a few changes to our operating plans, effective from Thursday December 22nd 2016, through Friday January 6th 2017. These adjustments are being made in order to reflect the requirements of our customers during this time period and to ensure we can maintain the highest service standards for you and your packages.

For the duration of this period we respectfully request that you have your packages ready for your courier at least one hour earlier than the standard scheduled collection time.

Before you ship, please read our five handy tips for stress-free Holiday Shipping.

Important: Please note that your pick-up and cut-off times might change, please call Customer Service for more information.

Holidays Opening Dates 2016-2017

Date Shipment Pick Ups & Deliveries
Thursday 22 December Open
Friday 23 December Closed
Saturday 24 December Closed
Sunday 25 December Open
Monday 26 December Open
Tuesday 27 December Open
Wednesday 28 December Open
Thursday 29 December Open
Friday 30 December Closed
Saturday 31 December Closed
Sunday 1 January Closed
Monday 2 January Open
Tuesday 3 January Open
Wednesday 4 January Open
Thursday 5 January Open
Friday 6 January Closed

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