Our Solutions – Complementary Services

Our integrated supply chain solutions and complementary services.

Adding Value

Adding speed, quality and reliability to your supply chain isn’t the only way we can turn its successful management into a genuine competitive strategy. You have the added benefit of experienced specialist teams who can introduce a whole series of complementary services, each one designed to directly support your business by reducing costs, eliminating returns and enhancing customer satisfaction:

Labelling and re-labelling

Custom labelling to match specific promotions, different product launches and other end-user requirements or to correct earlier errors during manufacture.

Inspection and quality control

Guarantees goods are despatched in best condition, free from defects with no elements missing.


Creating different combinations of components to meet end-customer demands immediately prior to despatch or in reactionto market volatility to reduce the level of finished goods held in stock.


Instead of picking and packing individual items as orders are received, pre-assembly of items in ready-to-ship kits saves labour time and cuts costs.

Packaging and re-packaging

Goods that arrive in bulk packaging to save transportation costs are repackaged in individual market-specific parcels.

Returns management

Reverse logistics services covering everything from investigation and sorting to recycling and repacking to limit wastage, maintain margins and maximise re-sale opportunities.