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Simplify your international shipping with the help of Global Trade Manager!

Global Trade Manager is a one-stop resource that helps you effortlessly manage your international shipping. Here's how:

Find International Document
It is a free service that helps you:
  • Locate documents quickly and easily by following step-by step instructions.
  • Reduce Customs Delays by determining the appropriate documents to accompany your international shipments.
  • Keep up with the latest regulatory information through one Web site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

International Resource Center
A free service that provides a comprehensive array of tools, documentation and information related to international trade that helps you:

  • Make informed trade decisions by getting a better understanding of the international shipping world via the Country Profiles and Document Library of shipping and customs documents.
  • Stay informed on the latest events in international trade from a variety of news resources.
  • Prepare your shipments faster with a number of interactive tools like Currency Converter, Harmonized System Classifier, etc.

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