Worldwide Customs and Regulatory Updates

Implementation of Enhanced Automated Cargo Transfer System (EACTS) by the Philippines Customs

The Philippine Bureau of Custom (BOC) is in the process of implementing the Enhanced Automated Cargo Transfer System (EACTS).  This new process is aimed to simplify and further automate the process of transshipping imported shipments from the airport gateway to consignees located in special economic zones (PEZA, Subic and Clark).

Following are the requirements that must be fulfilled by the consignee in order to comply with the EACTS process:

The consignee must -

  1. Have a Certification of Accreditation as an Importer.
  2. Post a General Transportation Surety Bond (GTSB) with any BOC-accredited surety company, equivalent to the average taxes and duties due on three-day transit cargoes discharged in the port.  The bond replaces the Customs Boatnote and PEZA underguarding requirements and will need to be renewed annually.
  3. Designate a representatives with "Special Power of Attorney" or as "Authority for the Cargo Handover" to be signed by the Chairman of the Board, President or General Manager.
  4. Issue a Joint Certification and Undertaking signed by the Chairman of the Board, President or General Manager and the authorized Customs Broker.
  5. Have PEZA Registration
  6. Prepare a letter addressed to the Customs-PEZA Clearance Office (CPCO) on company letterhead allowing the broker to process the documents.

We would like to encourage customers to comply with these regulations in order to avoid unnecessary delays to delivery. For enquiries, please contact your local Sales Representative or call our Customer Service Team.