Worldwide Customs and Regulatory Updates

Regulation of Medical Devices Imports into Singapore

With effect from June 1, 2011, the Medical Device Branch (MDB) of the Health Sciences Authority has implemented TradeNet controls on the import of Class C and D medical devices into Singapore. Importers must comply with requirements and procedures to facilitate the Import Permit application process for these medical devices.

If you import the medical devices mentioned above, in order to avoid any delays to clearance of your shipment, please advise the shipper to provide the following information accurately on the commercial invoice in their TradeNet declaration:

  1. Serial number
  2. Complete description
  3. HS Code
  4. Product Code
  5. Import licence number
  6. Importer licence number
  7. Quantity 

For more details, please click here.  Should you have any further enquiries, please contact HSA (Health Sciences Authority) directly via email or Tel 65-6866 3560.

Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service team.