Worldwide Customs and Regulatory Updates

Rate Increase of Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF) for shipments imported into the U.S.

The U.S. Customs Border and Protection (CBP) has announced an increase in the rate of the Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF), effective October 1, 2011, for formal entries from 0.21% to 0.3464%. There is no change in the minimum and maximum MPF.

The new rate is being implemented for entries released into the U.S. from November 5, 2011 onwards.  However CBP will also invoice customers retroactively to October 1, 2011 for any imports with MPF amounts exceeding USD20.

The table below shows the applicable MPF rates:

 Value of Shipment 

 New MPF

 USD7,217 and below

 Minimum fee of USD25

 USD7,217 to USD140,012


 USD140,012 and above 

 Maximum fee of USD485

MPF is assessed based on the value of the shipment on a per entry basis into the U.S.  A copy of the entry summary showing the MPF rate and amount paid is provided to the customer with the duty/tax invoice.  CBP will not accept any entry summary without payment of the MPF effective on the date of entry. Customers should take note that failure to remit the accurate MPF will result in a fine or penalty for late submission of the entry summary.

Should you need any assistance or further information, please contact your local FedEx Customer Service Team