ShowGeneral FAQ of Recruitment
How do I apply for the position?

Our website has an application form. Please fill out the form with your details including career background and history as specific as possible. We will screen the document.

When does recruitment take place?

We recruit new staff throughout the year, and post open positions on our website if any.
We do not hire new graduates regularly but do hire them when we need staff for certain positions and the timing of graduation is good.
As we normally hire people in mid-career for replenishment, we do not hire them regularly.

Can I apply for a position which is not posted in the website?

We currently do not hire staff for positions not posted in the website.

What is the hiring process?

For external hiring, we screen documents then conduct interviews (number of interviews may vary based on positions). Some positions may have an aptitude test.
We will contact only people who passed the document screening for the interview step. We will not send the application documents back you submitted.

When will a candidate be contacted for interview?

A candidate will be contacted for interview after document screening is completed which normally takes two weeks to complete. The time required may vary by positions.