Printable Version New EU Regulations affect Textile Fibre Nomenclature, Labeling and Marking

From 8th May 2012 new EU regulations will come into effect for international shippers concerning the harmonised tariff classification of textile fibres.

The amended rules address the following changes to the classification of textile products: quantity of textile fibres, fibre composition and new labeling and marking requirements. These changes ensure that their fibre content is clearly indicated. The regulations also apply to textile products which incorporate non-textile parts of animal origin.

It should be noted that an important transitional measure allows for all textile products, already existing in the EU market before 8th May 2012, will continue to be made available without being subject to the new regulations until 9th November 2014. 

The full regulatory changes are set out in EU regulation No. 1007/2011 of 27th September 2011 which itself repealed previous Council Directives No. 73/44/EEC, No. 96/73 EC and No. 2008/121/EC.

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