Printable Version Increase in US Fees for Inspection of Wildlife Shipments

The US Fish and Wildlife authorities recently announced a final rule covering an increase in the fees they charge for the inspection of all wildlife shipments.

In accordance with the US Fish and Wildlife’s final rule of 8th January 2009, increased fees have just been announced for the inspection of all wildlife shipments for the calendar year 2012.  Fish and Wildlife (FW) fees are based on the actual type of wildlife shipment and the type of port through which the wildlife passes. 

The new FW base fee rates, which apply to wildlife species as well as live wildlife, are as follows:

Type of inspection   Old rate  New rate
Basic $91.00 $93.00
Additional premium  $74.00 $93.00


In addition, with effect from 23rd January 2012 the FedEx ancillary fee for clearing Fish and Wildlife regulated shipments has changed from the previous flat fee of $97.00 to the actual amount charged by the FW authorities plus a $15.00 administration charge.

Additional information on the FedEx import clearance ancillary fees is available online at:

For further details contact Customer Service on 1802233.

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