See more. Personalize more. Get more from your tracking — more easily

Gain unparalleled visibility into where your package is, when it is scheduled to arrive, and any events along the way. The new look and feel makes tracking at more intuitive, and empowers you to manage your shipments in the way that's most efficient for you.

The new FedEx Tracking is now Easier and Simpler

The new Fedex TrackingTrack right from the home page! You will see a new tracking tool, My Shipments, where you can immediately customize your own tracking list. Once you track a package, you can select the “Save Tracking Results” box in the top right hand corner of the tracking results page. You can save up to 30 tracking numbers to the My Shipments watch list for easy tracking without ever having to log in.

And there’s even more:

  • See more and manage more, with ease. Simplified and improved layout and design to the tracking detailed results and Track landing page accessed via the Track tab.
  • You don’t have to type your tracking number in twice. Save your shipment tracking numbers to return later and easily recheck shipping status.
  • Easily identify your shipments. Assign nicknames to shipments for convenient — and memorable — access to their status.
  • Be on top of your critical shipments. Create a targeted watch list. Designate shipments you want to proactively monitor (for instance, important or time-sensitive shipments) and stay updated on shipments that may encounter delays.
  • Be in complete control of your shipments. View shipments on your watch list that encounter exceptions, such as clearance or delivery delays easily. Shipments will appear in red to advise you when an exception occurs.