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A distributor in France needs 500 of your voicemail servers — but only if you can get them delivered by Friday.

Customers in the UK are snapping up printers faster than expected.  If you don’t receive another shipment from the U.S. before your present inventory runs out, sales will be lost. 
You’ve found a new manufacturer in Manila with a broad customer base throughout Southeast Asia.  Only you’ve never shipped to the Philippines before and you’re not familiar with the regulations.
The scenarios may differ but the reality is the same: moving computers, semiconductors and office equipment around the globe requires a well-orchestrated network to take advantage of peak market cycles before they change. From the speed at which they arrive at the destination country/territory to the speed they move through customs, you need to keep product moving to effectively manage dynamic product life cycles. Customs clearance, import and export regulations, documentation and classification, tariffs, currency exchange, coordination with multiple trading partners, unfamiliar regulations, even the new distribution models — they must all be expertly navigated. Because you’re not judged by the obstacles you face, only by the results you deliver.  To manage all that and stay focused on your core business is a heavy load. Trust FedEx to help take it off your shoulders.
Synchronized ReliabilitySM Prescribed for the hightech industry.
FedEx Global Supply Chain Services offers makers of hightech products a portfolio of services to meet the critical demands of time-sensitive delivery, real-time visibility, accurate documentation, and product integrity from shipment origin to final destination. They can be applied with the flexibility and scalability needed to move with changing market conditions.

High Tech International Transportation Services
In the high-tech industry, business cycles can shift quickly — and you have to keep up.  When you’re dealing with high-value products with dynamic life cycles in an intensely competitive field, balancing speed to market against price competition is critical. So are fast customs clearance and seamless coordination with contract manufacturers and other trading partners to keep your products moving. Fortunately, FedEx can help.
High Tech International Support Services
Moving high-tech components and office equipment around the world takes more than planes and trucks. It takes information networks, tracking and monitoring programs, documentation and reporting, regulatory compliance — and a host of other information-intensive tools that impact the smooth flow of goods across borders. How do you track a shipment of hard drive units around the globe?  What’s the classification code for a LCD panel? With FedEx, you can navigate through the complexities of international shipping and take advantage of shifting production and distribution strategies.
High Tech International Supply Chain Services
It could be something as minor as a missing form or a classification error. But if it holds up an important shipment, the results could be anything but minor. With widely scattered assembly plants, distributors and customers expecting you to deliver products on schedule, and with so many competitors ready to step in if you miss a step, customs delays can mean lost sales, lost opportunities and potentially lost market share. FedEx can help you negotiate the complexity of your international supply chain — easing customs clearance, consolidating and monitoring shipments, even helping with distribution and service after the sale — to keep all the pieces working in harmony

FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®
FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® is a contractual service that allows the hightech industry and their partners to consolidate multiple pieces to multiple recipients in one shipment that clears customs as a single unit, under one international express air waybill. Once it clears, the shipment is electronically deconsolidated into individual packages, ready for FedEx world-class, on-time delivery.
Critical Inventory Logistics Services 
Comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to optimize the management of your critical inventory and service parts distribution and returns process.

Fulfillment Services 
Integrated fulfillment services that facilitate inbound and outbound, and reverse logistics.

Returns Management Services
Flexible, multi-channel suite of solutions allowing customers control of the returns process.

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