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FedEx Global Supply Chain Services

Transportation Management Services

OverviewCompanies are increasingly challenged to balance external demands to improve customer service with internal pressures to reduce costs.

FedEx® Transportation Management Services enables you to address market challenges by delivering an outsourced transportation management solution - managed by a best-in-class transportation provider - that improves transportation efficiencies, and allows you to focus on your core competencies.

FedEx Transportation Management is an outsourced solution that offers you end-to-end transportation management: optimized, multi-modal, and door-to-door. It leverages the FedEx family of companies (along with a select group of core carriers) to help you improve operational efficiencies and customer service.

FedEx Transportation Management works with you to determine optimal shipping modes, minimize recovery needs, facilitate claims management, and provide consolidated reporting and invoicing.

  • Optimized management of domestic and international shipments for all modes of transportation.
  • A single point of contact for all your transportation needs.
  • Suitable for large, complex transportation projects that require orchestrated worldwide deliveries.

Transportation options to meet every need.
To ensure that both you and your customers’ expectations are met, FedEx Global Supply Chain Services makes diverse shipping modes available under our management.
  • Express — same day or next day.
  • Standard — surface transportation.
  • Groupage.
  • Domestic.
  • Dedicated and time-critical.
  • Commercial airfreight.
  • Ocean freight.
  • Saturday collections and deliveries.
  • Value-added collections and deliveries.
Let FedEx handle the details.
A streamlined, automated system that provides high levels of accuracy and reliability is no small task. It requires a robust mix of information technology and physical resources that can only come from a global company like FedEx.
  • Shipment monitoring, delay detection and recovery.
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified.
With FedEx managing your transportation, visibility is clear all along the chain.
FedEx has been the leader in building technology and the tools needed to access any type of information concerning your shipments.
  • Easily accessible, end-to-end shipment status.
  • Shipment status updates for your internal systems.
  • Customized Web solutions for end customer order entry and visibility.
How You Benefit
  • Enhance customer service (shipments are managed to meet individual distribution requirements)
  • Improve inventory management (consistent on-time delivery reduces need for safety stock)
  • Increase asset and labour efficiency (eliminates the need for internal transportation management applications and IT support, and reduces transportation administration)
  • Optimize transportation costs (choosing the optimal overall transportation solution from FedEx companies and core carrier networks can reduce costs)
  • Reallocate resources (refocuses time and money on core competencies)
Manage your transportation with FedEx for optimum flexibility, control and visibility.
As cost pressures and customer expectations increase, efficiently managing transportation in regions far from your own become more important than ever. FedEx Global Supply Chain Services EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will be there for you with distribution facilities, shipping resources and information systems.
+32 (0)2 752 7850
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