FedEx® Mobile for Android®

Stay connected to your shipments wherever you are.

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FedEx® Mobile for Android®

Track Shipment Status from Android Phone

Get up-to-date tracking details without having to log in. Find out when shipments are delivered, in-transit, and even when there are exceptions. You can even nickname your critical shipments.

Get Rates from Android Phone

Obtain accurate and reliable rate while you're on the road.

Find Locations

Find the nearest FedEx Station, Drop Box, FedEx Authorized ShipCenter® or FedEx World Service Center® from your Android phone.

Schedule a pickup

Just enter your address and shipment information on your Android app, and we’ll come to you.

Manage your shipments

Shipments that you’ve sent using FedEx Ship Manager®, added to My FedEx® or monitored with FedEx Desktop may also be viewed and managed via your Android.


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Technical Requirements

Download FedEx Mobile Web App for Android from the Android Marketplace. Download now