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We recommend using one of our FedEx Ship Manager® Solutions to save you time and reduce errors.

The steps below describe how to create a basic shipment. Based on the selections you make, the screen might refresh. (Additional shipment options are available by clicking on the Go to options button at the bottom of the right-hand side of the screen.)

1. Complete the Recipient information section.
  • To enter recipient information for the first time, select Add a new contact name from the Contact Name drop-down menu, then type in the required contact information.
  • To choose a recipient from your address book, make a selection from the Recipient ID, Company name, or Contact name drop-down menu.
  • To choose a recipient from your Fast Ship Profiles, select Use a Fast Ship profile from the Recipient ID, Company name, or Contact name drop-down menu. Then make a selection from the Fast Ship Profiles Popup box that displays.
  • To choose a group from your address book, select Ship to a group from the Recipient ID, Company name, or Contact name drop-down menu.

Note: Post office addresses are acceptable to select countries if a telephone, fax or telex number is included.

2. Complete the Billing details section by selecting who the shipment will be billed to from the drop-down menu. If you indicate that the shipment should be billed to the recipient or a third party, you must provide their FedEx account number. In this section you can also enter your own reference information.

Bill duties/taxes/fees
to Simply select the appropriate option from the drop down menu (same procedure as above). All shipments including personal, gift and "exempt" items can be subject to Customs charges. FedEx cannot estimate Customs charges. If the recipient or third party fails to pay duties and taxes, the sender is responsible for payment.

3. Complete the Package and shipment details section. Field labels shown in bold indicate that a selection or entry is required.
  • If you select 2 or more from the Number of packages drop-down menu, a popup box displays so you can enter the weight, dimensions and declared value* for each piece in the shipment.
  • The Dimensions drop-down menu allows you to enter dimensions for the shipment you are currently creating, or you can select from a list of preset package dimensions that you have entered in your Dimensions Profile. Dimensions are only needed if you selected Your packaging from the Package type drop-down menu.

*Declared Value:
Required by FedEx to help determine transport liabilities. This represents the FedEx liability for the shipment _ limited to the higher of a) the amount provided by the Warsaw or CMR Convention or b) o22/kg unless a higher value is declared at time of tender and a greater charge is paid. This must not exceed the "Total Declared Value for Customs".

  • Package contains: indicate whether the package contains documents only or products/commodities, and describe documents if you choose this option.

Product/commodities: Product shipments include manufactured items, such as jewelry, appliances, and office supplies; creative works such as artwork, advertising, and architectural drawings; business documents such as annual reports, technical manuals, and brochures; documents with a resale value such as books, magazines, journals, and newspapers; and natural substances such as minerals, cut flowers, and precious stones. Please provide the Customs Value and detailed descriptions for each item/commodity.

Documents only: Document shipments include items such as personal, interoffice, and business (PIB) documents that do not have an associated customs value (e.g., acceptable values for Documents are $0 or $1USD [$1USD for Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Georgia, Indonesia, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Russia, Slovak Republic, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan]), or financial documents such as checks (including cashier, travelers, payroll, and personal). Provide a description of the documents.

4. To send an email to yourself or others with your shipment/tracking details, complete the FedEx ShipAlert® section.
  • You can email shipment and delivery notification to yourself, the recipient, and up to 2 others. A personal message can also be added.

5. In the More shipment details section, you can take advantage of any of the following features:
  • Designate a ship date up to 10 days in advance for FedEx Express shipments (up to 5 days for FedEx Express Freight shipments).
  • Indicate that you want to save this completed shipping transaction (as a Pending Shipment) and process it later. This allows you to enter all shipment information ahead of time and print the labels when your packages are ready to be shipped.

Note: The Pending Shipments feature appears on the main shipping screen only if you have enabled these options on your Preferences screen.

6. To take advantage of additional shipment options, including special services, choosing to receive a pick up or drop off your package, enter more internal reference information, and FedEx InSight®, click Go to options.

7. Click Continue to proceed with the processing of your package.
  • If you have set your preferences to automatically go to the Additional shipment options, that screen displays.
  • Depending on your shipment type and the selection you have made, additional information screens might display.

If you are shipping products/commodities, the screen will require you to enter more information:
  • Product/Commodity Description: Enter a complete description of each commodity and indicate if it is for resale or not.
  • Enter number of units and unit of measure, weight
  • Total Value for Customs: Required by Customs officials for possible assessment of duties and taxes. This represents the replacement cost or selling price (even if not sold for resale) of the contents of your shipment and must be equal to or greater than the "Total Declared Value for Carriage" that you entered in the previous screen. This amount must agree with the value shown on the commercial invoice.
  • Country of Manufacture: Where each commodity was produced.
  • Harmonised Code: The Harmonised System Tariff Number for each commodity in the shipment (where possible).
  • You can save this product in your profile for easy re-use.
  • Click on add product to shipment
    • If you have set your preferences to show a shipment confirmation, a popup showing the details of the shipment displays.
    • The shipping label displays.

8. When the shipping label displays, use your browser's Print feature to print the label. Depending on the type of shipment you are creating, on-screen prompts might instruct you to print multiple copies of the label to include with your shipment. Additionally, if you have created a multiple-piece shipment, thumbnails of labels for each piece in the shipment might display instead of full-size labels. On-screen instructions will assist you in printing labels for each piece.

Fax copies or photocopies of FedEx Ship Manager shipping labels should never be used because the bar codes on the copies might not be readable by FedEx automated scanning equipment.

Warning: A shipping label can only be used to ship one package. It is fraudulent to make photocopies of a shipping label or to print extra copies of a shipping label to use on additional shipments. This could result in additional billing charges, along with the cancellation of your FedEx account number.

9. At any time, use the buttons at the bottom of the screen as follows:
  • Click Clear fields to clear the screen and start your shipment over.
  • Click Check recipient address to compare the address you entered to a database of addresses (U.S. and Puerto Rico destinations only).
  • Click Change sender address to change the default information that displays for the sender of the shipment. If you select this option, a popup window displays that allows you to select another sender profile or add a new sender profile.
  • Click Get courtesy rate to determine shipment costs before you send the shipment. Your quote is based on rates associated with your FedEx account number and includes any applicable discounts.

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