Why Choose FedEx SupplyChain

Outsourcing your logistics operation to FedEx brings with it the peace of mind that only a world-class partner can provide.

You can tick every box

As one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands, we have a long history of introducing industry-leading standards into every service aspect. We’re proud of it too. You can’t deliver the bespoke supply chain solutions we do without making quality an intrinsic element of what our people and processes set out to achieve:




Formalised Quality Driven Management System

Quality management is often described as a recent phenomenon but it’s nothing new to us. It simply formalises the principles enshrined throughout our organisation to acknowledge, meet and exceed our customers’ every expectation.




ISO 9001 certified

At FedEx, we put the customer first. Our priority is to make sure our quality management system is world-class so we can continue to provide a service that is consistently the best in the marketplace.


ISO 13485 certified for healthcare products and supplies

Generally harmonised with ISO 9001, this demonstrates the drive for continuous improvement that we share with our many customers in the manufacture of healthcare devices and components.




AEO-C certified

Understanding the ins and outs of complicated customs procedures is where we strive on your behalf to ensure greater cooperation with customs authorities. And our AEO status is the strong basis from which we work on our customers’ behalf.










We Put the World at Your Feet

FedEx Corporation is your access to global networks serving over 220 countries from more than 390 worldwide stocking locations. Staffed with over 300,000 team members, we handle in excess of 10 million shipments daily. But no single shipment is more important than yours. That’s why we make full use not just of our own network but our allied partner networks too.

Delivering More

In today’s market, your business must take every opportunity it gets to grow. So the FedEx Express network in Europe is growing faster to make this possible. With more new locations and more new team members, FedEx Express is closer than ever to you and your customers. So you can take your business to more places, with more service options, more easily than ever before.

The Netherlands Advantages

Dutch trading history goes back centuries making transport and logistics almost second nature to the country and its population. There’s no need to ask why we located our European Distribution Centre there when you count the number of advantages it offers to businesses internationally and our customers in particular:

  • central location within the European market
  • excellent sea and airport facilities
  • extensive transport infrastructure with fast connections • thriving and well-developed logistics industry
  • internationally-oriented business community
  • highly skilled, multi-lingual workforce







Your Entry Into Europe

The Netherlands is increasingly the favoured destination for US businesses and its location, probusiness government policies and beneficial tax regime make it the ideal platform from which to launch or expand your business into Europe. Its VAT deferment policy, for example, gives businesses significant bottom line benefits with no actual VAT payment being levied at time of import. Its highly automated customs clearance system accelerates cargo flows. And its usage of the European Union’s standardised documentation minimises approval times and eliminates costly delays.





It’s All Down to Dedication

Your business is thriving because you invest time, energy and resources to its continued development. And the most important resource will be the people who work for you. Just like it is at FedEx.

Working With You Not For You

Our experienced and committed teams of specialists are ready to support your business in Europe. Solutions Engineers, IT specialists, Warehouse Agents and Customs experts are just a few of our team members who will execute their roles flawlessly to make your every FedEx experience outstanding.







People Power

Dedicated Account Managers and their teams strive to deliver the award-winning service you expect and deserve. Working at management level to review financial and physical performance with you. Determined at every level to introduce new operational initiatives, continuous improvement strategies, increased efficiencies and greater cost savings. In short, whatever it takes to make the most of an ever-changing business environment. That’s what we believe makes us different, no matter whether you are a major player or a niche operator.







Talking Your Language

Your own FedEx Customer Service team will support you in every aspect of your operations. From order processing and entry to inventory allocation, release and execution. Highly skilled and experienced, they don’t just talk your language, their multi-lingual skills can take you anywhere and everywhere in Europe. To drive your business forward as enthusiastically as the people who work for you. Because that’s effectively their role too.











Data Security

Our Global Supply Chain Manager system is custom-created to support the rapid movement of critical finished goods and service parts. It’s modular and scalable to match your individual requirements - large or small, local, regional or global. You can rely on us to fully integrate our IT systems with your ERP platform. And every exchange of information will be for your and our eyes only, protected by robust security.

Knowledge is Everything

Automation and end-to-end visibility drive every effective supply chain. And no matter how tailored your solution might be, without inventive and reliable IT systems, its operation will inevitably be compromised.






Your business never stops and neither does ours. We’re there for you whenever and wherever you are. You can access all the data you ever need to make informed supply chain decisions through one global portal. You can view inventory around the corner or across the world from order inception to proof of delivery. With every single aspect of the entire supply chain operation at your fingertips.