Billing / Invoice FAQ's

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How can I request a copy of my invoice / Air Waybill / credit note?

  • Please contact our Customer Service department at 80005300.

I would like to send a package, can you arrange to have it picked-up?

  • Please contact our Customer Service department at our toll number 80005300.

I received an invoice, but it does not show my discount?

  • Please check if weight and service correspond with the information on your Air Waybill.
  • Contact our Customer Service department on 80005300.

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The package arrived damaged / late and I wish to file a claim. How/what should I do?

  • You need to send a written document (fax / letter) and send it to the FedEx Claims department
  • Attention: A claim must be submitted within 21 days after delivery of the shipment if your shipment is damaged or within 9 months after the package was tendered to FedEx when your shipment is lost.

    Email information:
    Click here

    For address click here.


How do I receive a refund or adjustment to my invoice?

  • Refund: Please contact our Collection department at 80005300.
  • Adjustment: Please contact our Revenue Service Department at 80005300.
  • You can always register for FedEx invoice on line, where you can access your invoice information and file a dispute email.

How can I open an account with FedEx?

  • At time of pick-up, you can contact our Customer Service department at 80005300 and an account will be created for you immediately.
  • An email/ fax/ letter can be sent to our Revenue services at the following
    o E-mail
    o Fax: +371 7700 9145
    o Address information:
    FedEx Express
    Invoice adjustment department

    Spedair Terminal,
    International Airport “Riga”,
    Marupes p., Riga reg.,

How do I fill in my Air Waybill?

  • You can find all details on the
    *FedEx service guide
  • You can always contact our customer services at our toll free number 80005300.

Why do I receive 2 invoices for the same shipment?

  • On a FedEx Air Waybill you have 2 billing options. One option for the freight charges, one option for the duty and tax charges.
    These charges are always billed on a separate invoice.
    So you can check if it concerns a Freight invoice or a Duty and Tax invoice. Freight invoice: On this invoice FedEx charges you the transportation costs to send or receive a shipment.
    Duty and tax invoice: This invoice is the charge FedEx has to pay to local customs to have your shipment declared.

If this is not the case you can contact our Revenue services at 80005300 to get more info and to request eventually a credit.
You can also fax or send a letter.
Fax: +371 7700 9145
Address information :
Invoice Adjustement department
Zemitāna 2b
2012 RĪGA


Can I get the price / rate for a shipment I would like to send?

  • Yes, please contact Customer Service on 80005300.

Can I get the price / rate for a shipment I have sent but not invoiced yet?

  • Please contact Customer Service on 80005300.

Can my invoice be sent to an additional address?

  • Yes, this is possible, you should contact our Revenue Services to communicate the needed details.
    You can call the general number 80005300.

What is a dimensional weight and how do you calculate this?

  • The dimensional weight is the "volume" weight of a package. If this volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight, than this will be charged.
    The charges only apply on your own packaging, not the FedEx packaging.
  • How is this calculated:
    Calculation is based on the length , height and width of your package.

    Dim weight in Kilos = Length X width X height ( in CM )

    Dim weight in Pounds = Length X width X height ( in inches )

How is the fuel surcharge calculated?

How are the duty / tax calculated?

  • To get the exact calculation or information on duty and tax charges you should contact our Customs department at 80005300.
  • Or fax: +371 7700 9145

The duty / tax charge is incorrect. How do I dispute these charges?

  • If your Customs document is incorrect you need to file a claim at out Customs department. Also the invoice with all the supporting documents need to be returned to FedEx to be able to file a dispute at the local customs.

Address information:

FedEx Express
Zemitāna 2b
2012 RĪGA

How can I register for an invoicing on line access?

  • You can find the register form on the FedEx home page.

Can I have a statement of my account?

  • This is handled by the credit and collection department.
  • You can send a fax or call the Collection services at 80005300
  • Fax: +371 7700 9145

Address information :
FedEx Express
Zemitāna 2b
2012 RĪGA

What is the mailing address to reach the Invoicing department?

  • FedEx Express
    Revenue Services
    Zemitāna 2b
    2012 RĪGA

I received an invoice, but it does not show my discount?

  • Please contact Customer Service on 80005300 or submit your enquiry here.