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FedEx and the WilliamsF1 Team

Inspiring and innovating throughout 2006!

The shared values and aspirations of FedEx and the WilliamsF1 Team make our sponsorship a natural choice. The success of both organisations is founded on an understanding of the core ingredients needed to get there first: speed, reliability, technology and teamwork.

The need for speed
FedEx and the WilliamsF1 Team both want to get there first - and fast! FedEx has built its reputation on speed. Although new regulations stipulate V8 rather than V10 engines for 2006, the remodelled FW28 race car will benefit from advanced aerodynamics to ensure a sleek and smooth performance on the track.

Reliability: A tried and tested formula
Trust and reliability are the cornerstones of success: new partnerships forged with engine and tyre suppliers will boost the performance of the FW28. Likewise FedEx customers globally can be confident of a fast and reliable service from the world's largest express transportation company.

Technology: Shaping the future through innovation
Investing in the latest technology has given the new FW28 a competitive edge. Similarly, FedEx successfully maintains its commitment to fast and reliable shipping services by using technological innovation to ensure deliveries on time, every time. FedEx InSightSM demonstrates a proactive approach, using new generation online technology to keep customers in control of their shipments at every stage of the journey.

Teamwork: Delivering success together
Both organisations are powered by people working together towards a common goal. Radical changes to F1 racing this season will challenge teamwork and dedication from start to finish for WilliamsF1. With more than 250,000 people passionate about service, FedEx is committed to making every experience outstanding for customers all over the world.