WilliamsF1 Team | Mark Webber | Nico Rosberg


FedEx and the WilliamsF1 Team - Inspiring and innovating throughout 2006!

Formula One, the most watched annual sporting event on TV, continues to attract a huge following around the globe. FedEx has been supporting Formula One for nine exciting years. In 2006 we will witness a new era in motor sport racing.  As drivers, teams and cars adjust to changes in regulations, fans around the world eagerly anticipate a competitive season full of race action.

Brand new for 2006 is the Team's striking FW28 race car benefitting from exceptional aerodynamic features.  A reinvigorated line-up sees experienced driver Mark Webber partnered with enthusiastic signing Nico Rosberg, fresh from his GP2 victory in 2005. Newly forged partnerships will contribute to propelling WilliamsF1 back into a race-winning position during 2006.

Staying true to our core values of speed, teamwork, reliability and technology, together FedEx and WilliamsF1 envisage a season characterised by change yet remain committed to delivering their optimum performance.

FedEx is delighted to be sponsoring WilliamsF1 throughout what promises to be a memorable season.