FedEx Ship Manager Software

Features and Benefits

Enter shipment information, print a FedEx® shipping label, schedule a pickup or track deliveries on shipments to over 220 countries & territories, using these features:

  • Address Book: Recall and reuse a virtually unlimited number of shipping names and addresses without re-keying forms. You can also import address databases from other programs.

  • Label Printing: There's no need to take the time to fill out a shipping label. With FedEx Ship Manager Software you print labels on paper using your laser printer

  • Multi-Piece Shipping: Ship more than one package going to the same destination using only one shipping label.

  • Package Status Tracking: No more calling to track shipment status. Connect with the FedEx® computer system directly and track packages in real time.

  • Track/History: Allows you to keep a record of every shipment entered in the last 45 days.

  • Database: Stores detailed recipient and commodity information for reuse.

  • Multilingual software: Available in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

  • Online Help: Easy access tool for assistance in performing specific tasks or functions.

  • Courier Pickup: Without leaving your desk or picking up the phone, you can arrange for a courier to pick up your shipment. (Available in some countries)

  • Reports: Generate customized activity reports quickly and easily.

  • Commodity Report: Provides a list of all commodities in the customer's database.

    Proof of Delivery Report: Provides a list of POD's for packages processed via FedEx World.

    Recipient Report: Provides a list of recipients in the customer's database.

    Shipment Report: Provides a list of shipments processed via FedEx Ship Manager Software.