Printable Version Express Packaging Tips

To ensure your consignments arrive ontime and in good condition, it is vital you take time to pack & label them correctly.





  • Only use rigid cartons in good condition with all edges intact.
  • Don't exceed the weight specifications for your box.
  • Pack contents in the centre of the carton, cushioned on all sides using polystyrene chippings or bubble wrap. Ensure items that will not fit into cartons or have sharp edges andprotrusions are thoroughly wrapped, with taped corrugated panels or pads.
  • If you send liquids check that the cases hermetically sealed. For the shipping of fragile goods we suggest the use of wooden cases and separators inside. Include inside the carton, a document (e.g. business card or letterhead) that carries your address and both your and your recipient's telephone number.
  • Tape all seams and flaps well, with pressure-sensitive plastic tape. Tape should be at least 5.1 cm wide, but preferably 7.6 cm wide.
  • If finishes could be damaged or soiled in transit, place in protective container.



  • Don't ship light weight gift boxes unless packed in stronger cartons.
  • Don't ship packages smaller than 18x10x5cm. Instead pack small items into larger cartons.
  • Never use cellophane tape, masking tape, string or rope, avoid duct tape and kraft-paper tape for sealing. 


Ensure that the address label has both the recipient's and your own address clearly marked.


  • Clearly print address and include phone numbers, ZIP or postcode.
  • Place all package labels on the same surface of carton's largest size.
  • Take care to ensure all labels are securely adhered. When shipping odd shaped items use a securely attached tie-on Air Waybill* tag or pouch.
  • Hand write the Air Waybill* number with clear characters.



  • Don't cover sender or recipient information.
  • Don't place any tape or shrink wrap over labels.


* Please remember that each Air Waybill must be signed twice by the Sender (FedEx Ship Manager users: signature is not required).





  1. Fragile goods with separators
  2. Liquids cases hermetically
  3. Rigid cartons in good condition edges intact
  4. Contents cushioned on all sides
  5. All items thoroughly wrapped using polystyrene chippings or bubble wrap
  6. Tape all seams and flaps well
  7. Use suitable tape
  8. Remove old labels
  9. Sender and recipient address on label
  10. Sender and recipient details enclosed
  11. All labels on same surface of carton
  12. All labels securely adhered
  13. Proper weight for carton
  14. Print clearly