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Account Masking Removes Your Account Number From Your Consignee’s Documents

As of January 14, 2014, customers can use the FedEx account masking feature to prevent exposing their FedEx account number to their final shipment consignees. To make this possible, two copies of the shipping label will be created. The shipping label affixed to the package will not reveal the account number of the shipper; and, in compliance with any policies and procedures such as customs clearance, a second shipping label with the account number will be processed by our operations team.



Localization on FedEx Ship Manager Offers More Convenience to Thai Customers

Good news for customers in Thailand! For maximum convenience, you can now enjoy an easy-to-understand, localized, Thai language interface on FedEx Ship Manager at Register for an account, create an online shipment, update the shipment profile or manage your account in your local language.



Less Printed Paper Helps China Stay Greener

FedEx is committed to helping make the world a greener place. That’s why we are reducing the number of Air Waybills and Commercial Invoice copies required for outbound shipments from China.

  • For document shipments, you now only need to print two (2) copies of Air Waybills.
  • For non-document shipments, you now only need to print three (3) copies of Air Waybills and three (3) copies of Commercial Invoices.

We hope the above enhancements will help reduce your workload and save you time in managing your shipping process.


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