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Surcharge and Other Information
(For Payers in Philippines)

For information about our surcharges, please download the ‘FedEx Surcharge and Other information’ PDF from the link below.

2016 Export and ImportOne Surcharge and Other Information

2016 Global Third-Party Pricing Surcharge and Other Information

For the complete terms and conditions on FedEx services, please refer to the reverse side of the FedEx International Air Waybill, and the online Standard Conditions of Carriage or International Service Terms and Conditions of the shipment.

Minimum Billable Weight for FedEx Express Packaging

Effective January 20, 2014, shipments packed in the FedEx Small Box, Medium Box, Large Box and Tube will be imposed a minimum billable weight (MBW) per package to assess the freight charge. The actual package weight will apply only if it is larger than the MBW.

A 1kg MBW per package will apply to the FedEx Small Box, FedEx Medium Box and FedEx Large Box while a 4kg MBW per package to the FedEx Tube.

Out of Delivery/Pick-up Area Surcharge

FedEx Express international shipments delivered to or picked up from remote and less-accessible locations are charged an out-of-delivery-area or out-of-pickup-area surcharge. A list of postal codes and cities where these surcharges apply is available here.

Non-Stackable Surcharge

A surcharge applies to any piece, skid, or pallet of a freight shipment that is non-stackable, which means the piece, skid, or pallet cannot be stacked vertically in a safe and secure manner. A pallet or skid is defined as non-stackable if the customer has designated it as such with a sticker, if it has cones or hats on the top, or if it has an obtuse shape.

Applicable Services: International Express Freight Services (IPF, IEF).

Please click on the above “2016 Export and ImportOne Surcharge and Other Information” for the surcharge amount.