FedEx Packaging

It doesn't matter whether you're shipping documents, valuable electronic devices or material samples, FedEx packaging is there to make sure your shipment arrives safely at its destination. You can order it free of charge direct from your courier or by contacting Customer Service. This offer includes:

FedEx Envelopes
One single 100% recyclable, carbon-neutral envelope will contain and protect up to 60 A4 pages and holds up to 0.5kg.

FedEx Large Pak

Tear- proof and water-resistant, this is ideal for heavier documents.

  • FedEx Large Pak 40cm x 30cm
  • FedEx Extra Large Pak 52cm x 45cm

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FedEx Stickers

With FedEx Next Day by 9.00am/10.00am/12 noon service and Domestic Priority Alert, you receive package stickers printed with the precise time of delivery to inform your courier and other FedEx employees how urgent your shipment is. You can order your stickers free or charge directly from a courier or by contacting Customer Service.

To order FedEx Stickers, contact Customer Service.

Tyres on the way

Did you know that tyres are also classed as a standard package? Simply pack them according to standard package requirements and they will arrive at their destination without a problem.

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Your shipment is always secure

Make sure you shipment arrives safely by matching the size of the container to the size and weight of your package, using double-walled boxes for heavy shipments. If you re-use a box, remove the old labels and make sure that it is not damaged. Fill with cushioning materials to prevent items from moving about inside the box.

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Easy billing with FedEx eFaktura

Save time and money by accessing your invoices where you want, when you want. Register with FedEx eFaktura today to manage your invoices quickly, simply and securely.