Additional delivery hours


Shipment monitored by FedEx employee from when the order is placed until its delivery. Shipment will be delivered within a time window specified by you on the next business day after dispatch. Delivery between 9.00am - 4.00pm

Service available for standard packages.

FedEx Evening 17-19 and 19-22

Delivery on the next business day after dispatch between 5.00 -7.00pm or 7.00 -10.00pm.

Service available for standard packages.

Saturday Delivery

Delivery on Saturday.

Service available for standard packages.

Heavyweight handling

Pallet Return

Delivery and count of used pallets. Service carried out within 14 days of delivery NB EURO pallets only

You can receive a monthly pallet statement with operation details and actual pallet balance.


Unloading pallets by carrying individual items to a place indicated by the addressee. Single elements must not exceed 30kg.

Carry-In & Carry-Out

Delivery by carrying in/carrying out the shipment to a place indicated by the addressee. Service can be ordered as an additional option for:

  • Packages up to 70kg

Load & Unload

Pallet delivery including loading and/or unloading by FedEx delivery van equipped with hydraulic tail lift.

Additional delivery options

Cash on delivery (COD)

Delivery after payment of appropriate fees by addressee. Payment transferred to sender's bank account within 14 days from time of delivery. Maximum amount charged on behalf of the sender is 2500.00 PLN. After the contract is signed, the amount is calculated individually.


Delivery with a proof of receipt attached to the shipment.

Confirmed documents are returned to the sender in 4 business days from time of delivery.

Personalised Delivery

Delivery to person indicated on waybill by the sender after verification of personal data by courier.

Proof of Delivery

Delivery includes sending a waybill scan to the sender's e-mail address when signed by the addressee.


Courier Call

Phone call from FedEx courier on the delivery day, no later than two hours before the scheduled delivery to provide an estimated time of delivery.


Text message sent by FedEx, confirming the estimated time of delivery.


Tracking e-mail sent to the addressee and/or sender.

Service free of charge.

Dedicated services

Your business is growing. Your requirements and expectations are changing - standard services are no longer sufficient. To deliver more defined, specific services to meet the needs of your business and customers, we have broadened our offer with dedicated services.

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Service Availability

Confirm the availability of FedEx services by entering the recipient's post code.

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