FedEx Fulfillment Services

An integrated, end-to-end, supply chain offering

Incorporating several turnkey solutions, FedEx Fulfillment Services are modular and scalable – so you can design and configure the options that fit. Whatever the specifics, FedEx Fulfillment Services gives you a strategic advantage in the highly competitive aftermarket and critical inventory business.

The FedEx European Global Distribution Centre (GDC) gives you hub-based warehousing for both forward and reverse logistics, with the space, the environment, and the expertise to get critical inventory stored, organised and shipped when you need it. Consolidating your regional warehouses into a FedEx® GDC can reduce your operating and inventory costs, so you can compete more effectively. Along with custodial control, integrated information flow, optimised inventory, customs clearance and much more, you’ll also gain end-to-end visibility and be able to respond more rapidly to customer orders. And that increases inventory velocity, turning assets into profits.


What can FedEx Fulfillment Services do for your business?

  • Increase flexibility and control with fast and configurable fulfillment solution.
  • Accelerate response to market changes through flexible, scalable services.
  • Cut overhead costs by outsourcing warehouse and software needs and implementing a variable fee structure.
  • Limit investment and risk for companies entering new market segments.
  • Increase customer retention by improving the overall customer experience.
  • Build customer loyalty and retention through personalised shopping experiences.
  • Grow sales with online marketing services, such as targeted e-mail, coupons, and loyalty programs.
  • Provide security, protect privacy, screen for fraud.
  • Improve customer communications through e-mail, call centres, order confirmation and order numbers for tracking.

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