Personal Shipments

Customs Clearance

Shipments of documents in a FedEx Pak or FedEx Envelope sent from Russia require only a completed FedEx International Air Waybill. All other shipments not requiring additional permission or certification with a Declared value of less than 100 Euro must be accompanied by the shipping documents listed below. Customs may hold any export shipment for further processing at their discretion.

Customs may also request additional documents supporting the Declared value on the FedEx International Air Waybill and the Commercial Invoice at their discretion. For shipments held for declaration and payment of duties and taxes, a Customs processing fee is charged by Customs (0.1% of the Declared value of the shipment). This fee is payable by the shipper for shipments with a Declared value over 100 Euro.

Required Documents

For packaging other than a FedEx Pak or FedEx Envelope:

  • FedEx International Air Waybill
  • Commercial Invoice (3 copies)
  • Copy of shipper's passport
  • Letter to Customs with a request to release the shipment

For more information, please contact Customer Help.

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